July 9–13 July 16–20 July 23–27 2012


Camp ill Children or “CIC” is a Hip-Hop dance training camp that teaches children the fundamentals of Hip-Hop dance. Dancers will also be introduced to the various types of music and musical artist like the funk sounds of James Brown and the 5th Dimension to the pop songs of Michael Jackson and the Black Eyed Peas, so when your kids come home singing “Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine in” and “Get up of that thing” ill Children is why.

Note: we will only play CLEAN versions of any song.

Dancers will be taught how to move in rhythm, recognize the break or bridge of a song and how to dance with musicality to the music that was the driving force to the most popular social dance in the world and be good at it.

At Camp ill Children we want to encourage your children to make choices that bring about positive results – good choices. We also look to foster an environment that is safe, creative, non-competitive and fun. Participants will need to bring a few supplies with them, which are listed below but most importantly an open mind & positive attitude.